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We will always ensure that the products sent will go through a good selection and packing process. But even so there are some products that are sent not in their domestic condition.

If you get damage, errors, or receive products that do not match what we display on this website. You can do the product return process.

Product returns are a maximum of 7 days when the product arrives, product returns will not pass if claimed more than 7 days.

Terms of product return:

  1. Please contact our CS at the following number +12022703825
  2. Take a photo of the product and describe in detail the problem you have.
  3. Please send the product back to the CS informed address
  4. Send proof of transfer or expedition receipt
  5. We will immediately send a replacement product

If the product you purchased is out of stock, we will refund your money 100% free of charge.

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